About Us

ANOSTRO S.A. was established on 1 July 2005 with the aim of operating hotel units, restaurants and related businesses.

All shareholders of the company have a long professional and business activity in the hospitality sector, mainly in Metsovo, their birthplace where they have been active for years. Their yearlong experience has enabled them to develop a deep understanding of the sector and led them to establish the company in 2005, with the aim of managing and operating hotels and restaurants.

Over the years, the company has expanded to relevant sectors, primarily
in the town of Metsovo, thus incorporating nine branches at the present: six in Metsovo (three eateries, coffee-patisserie and a furnished apartment rental business) and another three in the central square of the city of Arta (cafeteria, taverna-mezedopoleío and a fish tavern).

The company bearing the distinctive title CEZARIA is located at Neokaisareia of the Municipality of Ioannina, Ioannina Prefecture. This unit is situated in privately owned land and possesses all necessary departments, infrastructure and technical equipment in line with modern standards. The premises entail 14 rooms with a total capacity of 28 beds, three food and beverage establishments with a total area of 1,380sqm, 300sqm of communal spaces
and storage areas of 100sqm.

Since 2016, ANOSTRO S.A. has heavily invested in the sector of industrial catering. The company’s entry into the specific market of ready-made meals production and distribution, at both the retail (individual packages) and (large-scale) food services level, is primarily due to careful planning, skillful management and yearlong experience in the catering sector. With a wide client base that includes large shopping centers, catering establishments of medium- and large-sized organizations (hotels, military camps that accommodate refugees, public schools, etc.), the company has achieved to
upgrade its services, further expanding the scope of its activities
and occupying a larger share of the market.

Today, the company employs more than 100 highly specialized professionals who share the same mentality, namely excellent and customer-oriented provision of services coupled with outmost versatility
and a faithful adherence to hygiene standards.

We have our own commercial vehicles licensed for the transport of foods and equipment, as well as a complete set of mobile equipment
that allow us to orchestrate all types of events.

Emphasizing on corporate and social events, we are active in all sectors of mass catering, having completed major projects and contracts with success.

ANOSTRO S.A. is committed to offering a unique experience of services
and tastes in all its collaborations.





Upcoming projects!


New catering branch coming soon in Mytilene!


After Ioannina, Metsovo and Arta, the countdown has begun for the new branch of Cezaria Catering in Mytilene!
Our new branch is soon to operate in the island of the so-called ‘Lady or Archontissa of the Aegean’, offering quality services with outmost professionalism and responsibility.
Cezaria Catering boasts nine branches at the time and is preparing to expand throughout Greece, with the aim of offering its services nationwide in line with modern standards and market trends.
The team of Cezaria Catering is constantly developing, further strengthening its successful course in the dynamic sector of food service.